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Trouble Building Preview


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Man, feel like a newbie again with S5.

Trying to build a preview for next year, but running into some issues. What issue? I don't know yet. :) This is a tree that is two colors, Red/White. No RGB, just LED Red and White Lights. The tree has 5 rows and 6 columns. (or 30 "zones") Each zone has both red and white lights.

The idea was to build the preview so that I could both program 'normally' in the SE equivalent, while at the same time take advantage of some of the motion effects that the Sequence offers, albeit with two colors. I fired up S5 and started to build my preview.

1) Create new Prop
2) Type: Channel per color - Choose Red/White
3) Shape: Custom Shape. Define with "1" being lower left, "6" being lower right, and go up from there. I end up with a 6*5 grid of dots.
4) Channels are set up (but will get modified later)

Now I go to create an animation sequence to start tinkering.

Problem 1 - Only one color appears in the preview. All 60 channels are there, and are all defined as White/Red, and I can even turn them on. However,  only the White lights are playing.

Problem 2 - I can create motion effects, but I can only get the White lights to respond. Even when I choose the red lights in the Pallet area, I do not get any red lights responding.

Clearly I'm missing something, but I don't know what it might be. Ideas anyone?

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