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Hub show not playing what is created


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For some reason the show I created in the HUB isn't playing the correct order and not everything that is saved in the show.  I go in and select from computer, create the show which is 4 songs and a 30 second in between show in between them all, save it, schedule, upload the show and it plays but it plays the 3 in between right in a row and only 1 song.  I keep recreating it, saving and re uploading but it doesn't change.  I'm not sure what the problem is and not sure if there is any other way to create a show?  Anyone have a clue?

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Are you using a computer or from a Director unit {SD Card written show} to run your show?  The answer may depend on which method and which type Director you are using, if you are using one.  Is it the G3 Full version MP3 Director with the internal time clock{has the screen on it that shows info}, or the miniDirector?

Knowing this will help someone get you the answers you're seeking.


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