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Wanted to share videos or my display.  I greatly appreciate all the help and shared sequences that you have been so generous to share.  I also have bought several as well, unfortunately I am not very artistic so my sequencing isn't that great and I always use all the help I can get from you guys.

Thanks again and enjoy the videos.



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5 hours ago, Euro92 said:

Really good Jerry. Is this your first year? Is that 100 string pixel tree? Looks great

Thanks and no not my first year in general but is my first year with pixels.  I started with just 8 channels in 2015 and then got hooked and have continued.  The tree is a 16 strip CCR type pixels, so its a 16x50 tree, 20ft tall.  I have been trying to add props and different items each year and this was the year I decided to add pixels, I doubt I will ever go 100% from standard light strings 100% but I do like the variety you can do with pixels.


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