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Controllers under a driveway


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So I have a large area across from my U shaped driveway that I want to put some controllers at to have Christmas lights in the island area that is separated from the house.  I don't want to run wires or cable over the driveway, so has anyone run cables under their driveway, and still been able to hook up controllers.  I have power out there, but I'm thinking about running an Ethernet cable under the driveway too, just don't know how things will work if I have a dedicated Ethernet port on the the other side of the driveway.  Any help or how-to's are appreciated.



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Since you said you already have power in that area, then I suggest using ELLs (Easy Light Linkers) to avoid having to use an ethernet cable:



You won't have to do any digging if you use these.

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Other alternative is PVC pipe and elbow joints to run the Cat cable under the driveway and separate from the power conduit.  It'll take a bit of work to clear the area and make the tunnel to get the PVC under the driveway, but it's possible.

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Easiest way to get under a sidewalk or driveway

Items needed:

1- generic tapered brass or plastic garden hose fitting (looks like the old firemen hose nozzle)

1- Enough 1/2" or 3/4" pvc conduit

1- length of garden hose 

1- Shovel

1- Threaded coupling to fit your size pvc conduit and screw the hose nozzle on. You may require a reducer bushing

1- Rain or Shine pvc cement

1- bag pvc couplings to fit your conduit

1- threaded coupling to attach the hose end to

Start by cutting a 5' section (driveway) and cementing the nozzle end on the conduit. Attach the hose end to the other side.

While it dries dig a 2' or so deep hole next to where you want to run the cable. Now lengthen the hole towards the source but only a little wider than the conduit. This allows you to level the conduit  as it passes under the driveway.

Connect the water hose to the tool you made above

turn on the water and push in and pull back. The water will cause the hole to open up as you go along.

There may be times that you will want to get a bucket to drain your hole.

Keep an eye out for water on the other side. When you see water on the oyjer side that is when you will want to dig your second hole.

I do not advise digging the second hole at the beginning because there may be stuff under your driveway that will cause the pipe to go off course. Eventually you will see the ground on the other side get wet and soft. That is when you want to dig.

Depending on the driveway width , you will have to cut off the hose end but leave enough to add a couple and another section oc conduit and cement it together. Rain or Shine works well- rain or shine.

Once the nozzle end appears- unscrew the nozzle end- slide the wire through the conduit. 

You have two options but I recommend option 2

1- Once your cables are pulled through slide the pipe off and burry the cables

2- Leave the pvc and at the end of the season place a cap on each end. Thus allowing you easy access next year.

I learned this growing up and used this method while installing irrigation systems in home yards. You could also buy/ rent a core drill but its not cheap.

Questions feel free to ask.



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