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The first few nights, my show ran fine. Now my LOR controllers are behaving erratically.

Sometimes it seems like they can’t keep up and some channels briefly freeze, or multiple channels come one when they shouldn’t and lock up. Other times controllers won’t do anything at all for awhile. I’m still using S4, and have 5 LOR controller with a few DMX (DMX stuff seems to be fine...). This is the same show I’ve ran for 3 years now, with a couple of new things added.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? It’s like it’s just getting worse each night... HU can locate all the controllers just fine.

Not sure if it’s a hardware or software setting issue.

I have 3 - 16PC-G3’s running Ver 1.06

2 - 32LD-G3’s. One with Ver 1.12 and the other with 1.13.

And a used, but newly added CTB16D with version 4.40.

Also a DMX1000 ver 1.41.

Hope the info is helpful.

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Could someone at least tell me if having a controller with firmware in the 4.- - range could be an issue with the rest of them being in the 1.- - range?

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Shouldn't.  Each controller operates independently.  Similarly, the show player does not know what firmware a controller has and sends the same data regardless of the firmware of the controllers receiving the data.

About the only issue with firmware is if there is a firmware version either that has a problem or is incompatible with some newer feature that the show player is using (Enhanced networking would be a good example).


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