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Modifying Pixle Tree Prop for Partial Strand


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I wanted to optimize my mega tree this year to free up some channels on my controller.  My tree is made of 16 strands of 100 pixels that used to be 1 strand per channel (alphapix 16 V2).  I now have it so there are 3 strands per channel (300 pixels per channel) except for channel 1 which is 100 pixels.  I run into an issue building the prop because I have channel 1 with 100 pixels, then channels 2-6 with 300 pixels.  In the prop builder I can make 300 pixel strands with 2 folds which is great for 15 strands, but I don't know how to add one more strand of 100 to that prop.  Any tips on how to do that?

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OK, first of all, stop referring to an output of the AlphaPix as a "channel".  Each output has many channels (likely hundreds).  A better term is output or port.

As for redesigning your prop, I understand your issue.  The Prop Editor does not exactly understand strings of different lengths.  You may need to build it as 16 individual strings that are in one group.  Not as convenient,  but should work.  Other option (if available) may be to build the tree as eight strings of 200.  That way it is an even number of strings - although it will take two more outputs from the AlphaPix.

Someone else may have a better answer.


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