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Help with editing from a sequence with 24 nodes to a new one with prop containing 96


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Hoping I can get some help with some tricky editing!

So I have a pre-made sequence that has a prop with 24 nodes in it.  The prop I use it on my house has 96.  when I copy and past it, I choose the "paste special - all the way to the end of the prop" mode.

It works, but it just repeats the 24 node paste over and over until it satisfies the 96 needed.  It is a chase sequence so it creates multiple chases instead of just one (as originally written and intended).  Sometimes it looks good, other times it looks choppy and not so good.

SO my question is how can paste or modify the 24 nodes to 96 nodes and make it look correct while keeping the timing correct?

I have tried other paste modes like "stretch to fit"  I does not give the desired results either.  Thanks for the help!  I am still relatively new as you can tell :)

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Not sure what the prop is, but you can use the custom tab on the prop design and add the extra pixels onto the prop manually.  I had to do this with some bigger snowflakes I made this year.

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It is in the preview design under the "Shape" (center) section.  It's one of the pull down options where you create your own shape.

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