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Comment basis: 5.2.2 PRO

Reference Illustration: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvwbc6nhuv91ru1/20181202 LOR Show Editor.png?dl=0


The peripheral utilities don't get the attention they need until the last 5 mins of the year :(
Well this isn't any different but I will try to add the information before the end of the season...

1) Please make it so I can stretch the window so I can see each entry on it own line in completion.
2) Add a line number so I can see how many sequences there are
3) Add an "Open Recents" list
4) Add ability to export play list (so it can be used on supporting websites and so forth)



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+1000 on #1

All of my sequences have the file name as the name of the song and the revision date and revision letter - for example:

Hark the herald angles sing 2018-12-03a.play.lms

The 12-03a is important and frequently cut off.


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Jim, Funny that's exactly the reason I moved to put the date/version at the front. I make the assumption that I can work out the rest of the title from the limited letters of the name that make it....

eg. 2018-12-03a Hark the He...........

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