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Never knew what customer service was like till now

Richard Hamilton

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It's a good thing.

I'm pretty sure I'm not telling existing customers anything they don't already know, but for the newbies considering buying LOR....
I'll sum it up first to say that practically every other company could learn a lot by how LOR treats customers !!!

Fortunately for almost 15 years, I have NEVER needed customer service.  That says a lot about the reliability of products I've bought over many years.  Over $20,000 combination for my own displays and a couple commercial displays for people.
Ok, sometimes, something doesn't work.   One of the CCRs I got in a summer sale kit has a flaky connection the connector where sometimes it doesn't work, but I wiggle it and it works.  Thus, I sent an email to support.  I get an answer the next day, they will replace it.  I realize this is a terrible time of the year for tech support, so I try to cut them some slack and tell them to wait until January because right now it is working and if it stops, I figured out a position to slightly bend it so it will work.   Being it is inside an arch (protected), I don't want to replace it now unless it fails completely.  Surprise, LOR doesn't wait.  They take care of the problem immediately by sending out a replacement and of course get the flaky one back.

So, I don't know who is running that department, or who makes the decisions, but in my one man opinion, they do an incredible job of trying to keep customers happy and products working.

What the hell happened to support at other companies in America?  Actually, I don't need an answer to that.   I know the answer.  Executives farm out support to places around the world that you can't even understand them on the phone, much less get them to do anything.  I got a better idea.  Outsource the executive jobs to India or China.  Companies will save more money that way and no one will miss the execs anyway  😎

LOR support.  You are our hero!


Later edit.... oh and how could I forget the incredible support by customers whom spend their time helping others with really great advice and help?  Kudos to all.

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I just gave up on one of the Horrible ones today. Online chat was backed up, so I left my 2 questions.

'I later got a 'You left the Queue' mail,

Then another saying I did noit get back. Both messages contained my questions AND NO ANSWER

And the reason fo Q#1  The part I needed (failed after 2 years) was listed OOS. I wanted to know: When it would be  avail.?


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I 2nd Richards' assessment.  LOR has always has had the best customer service bar none by many companies.

  I've dealt with a couple that have come close to how LOR handles things, but it just is not common in todays business structure.  Then these businesses wonder why they have such low reviews and ratings of their company. 

Like Richard H. said, other companies COULD definitely learn how to do customer service RIGHT by the way LOR handles issues and their customers when there's a problem.


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Would agree that LOR is top notch in customer support.  With a somewhat small "niche:" market, guessing that LoR realizes that they need to keep what is a pretty loyal customer base, happy and continueing toprovide positive feedback on product and service. 


Many companies in a similar situation still provde excellence sales/service.  While I do believe overall customer support has fallen over the years, customers have gotten more demanding, less patient and more unrulely...thanks you social media. 

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