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is it wrong to start decorating?

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well i saw that showtime was back in stock, couldnt controll the urge and ordered 2 16 channel controllers. they showed up today and i just couldnt stop myself. out came the lights and on the bushes they went. i dont think i can wait till xmas. 15 songs sequenced allready and with my bithday in june, more controllers to come. somebody help:waycool: me please!!!!!

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Well first you should go see a syciatrist.....

lol J/K

No it is not wrong to start decorating but to cover yourself here is a little help...

1. Your Neighbor sees you and says 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?'. You say I am decorating for Easter (or any other holiday close by), neighbor says 'CHRISTMAS MUSIC?'. You reply if their was no Christmas their would be no Easter -You play "away in a manger"

2. Family says ' ' ok..... family just looks at you wierd. You respond "Well Jesus was born in summer some time so I am decorating for his REAL b-day! And by the time that is over it is time for the -Real Christmas-

3. HOA stares you down. You are just testing your equipment and will take everything down as soon as possible :}

4. newspaper writes an article about you, You respond by putting more out!

Well you can think of excuses for everything, just if somthing thretens yoiur main Christmas show I would advize you to take everthing down and wait till Thankgiving ar your other pre-detirmend date.

--Daniel L

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one of the problems with decorating now is that you have to move all the stuff so you can mow the lawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or one real advantage is that everyone will know your house by christmas time & it will be bigger than the superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hohoho my LOR is on its way

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If you decorated in your backyard as opposed to the front to test some LOR sequences, etc., then few might see what you were doing...I might do some of that this summer.

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