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Sequence works when played in Sequence Editor but not in a show builder


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I have a sequence that is in S5.  It has pixels missing in sections of sequences.  An example they work when played back in sequence editor, but do NOT work when played back in a Show builder.  Everything works perfectly in S4 which I have on the same computer that I had S5 on.   I had to go back to S4 from S5 to make it work.  All hardware works in test mode.

 I can send any screenshots or settings needed.  Thanks for your help!  

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I had a issue where my song played under preview but like yours it wouldn't play in show builder. I copied all of my songs into a new folder so I would have all of my songs I was using for my display in one file. I didn't know you had to copy all files in order for the file to work in show builder. There is 4 to 5 files for each sequence that you have to copy in the same folder if your moving your sequences into a different folder. 

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Did you create the playback files. File/Create Playback Files.. You will need them in folder too.

Also unmodified S4 files will play in the S5 show player, in a pinch.

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