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Went live tonight.


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Well all. It was really amazing. BUT my channel 14 acted up again and instead of showing dim. Its fully out and now Channel 2 seems to be having issues. Part of a strand of lights is dim. Once plugged straight to the power all works. I feel I am losing another channel. The other one is hard to see being in the mega tree. I created a ticket hopefully I can remedy this quickly but it is that time of the year. LOR is probably being overwhelmed with questions. UGH crossing my fingers this was so awesome when I kicked it on.......... Had about 5 people already stopped to talk to me about it..... My OCD is getting the best of me.....

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Should have titled this different☹️ so I have the one channel fixed but the orginal problem channel will not fix. Stays dim. 

1. I plugged a separate cord to the lights that are affected. Lights shined. 

2. Tried reversing the plug. No change

3. Lor suggested placing a incandcent light in the string. No change. 

4. Switched channel 14 and 15. Now what was channel 15 has the problem and the lights that were on channel 14 are working. 

What next?? 

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