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Playing LOR and LOR2 .lms file without mp3/wav - can't find mp3


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I have LOR2.

I've downloaded some sample lms LOR and LOR2 files from other people that I wan't to try out and modify. I don't have the wav or mp3 files but just want to play the sequence on my controller and see the light patterns. I get the message "Can't find media File.....C:...... xxxx.mp3 etc....

I tried changing the .lms extension to .las but that didn't work.

How can I remove the reference to the media file?


Todd Hanson

LOR newbie....but having fun with my 32 channels... getting ready for Halloween and Christmas.

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Ok...I just tried specifying a different mp3 file and that works so I starting thinking a blank mp3 file would work too.

I got confirmation from taybrynn on using this method. That will work. Just thought there would be a easier way.

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