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We did a test run tonight...


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Took some videos with a cell phone while sitting in the car, so sorry about the quality... but it gives a decent idea of how it all looks.

Dominic the Donkey


Wheels on the Bus


Mr. Roboto


Wizards in Winter


Christmas Concerto


The Star Spangled Banner



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17 hours ago, rcktpwrd said:


We put lights on 29 trees...

Last year I froze my butt off for 6 hrs on a cold windy afternoon wrapping 24 strands of lights around 3 birch trees in front of our house (each tree was 8 channels).  So I can't imagine how long it would have taken to do the same for 29 trees!  I didn't want to go through that again this year so I made three 8-channel firesticks instead (inside the comfort of my home lol).

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It took us about half a day to hang the lights on all the trees, my wife did most of them alone while I was at work... It took lots of hours of prep to get to that point! We mounted all of the light strings to plastic mesh and then the mesh is held to the trees with some bungee cords.

check here for some pics:


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