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Newb having MP3 director issues


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Hello ,

I am NEWB that is having ump3g3 director issues.( I'm sure self inflicted). I recently purchased the starter package with  4 controllers.   I have created a show using the hardware tab and downloaded it to an SD card. The show will not play. The red light is solid once I put the SD card in. I did notice that the LOR controller that it is plugged into is still blinking green. I have updated the firmware  and placed a trouble ticket. If I cannot get it to work can I use the fM transmitter that is in the case with MP3 player? If so how would you power it?


Thank You!!

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What mfg SD card?

LOR recommends Kingston. I had success with PNY until I added pixels and then for testing had to switch to Kingston.

I run my show with a computer but use the ugmp3 for testing and this year it is also being used to play my mini matrix which is across my street. Makes it nice to be able to set up a remote spot.

Sounds like your issue is the SD card.


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