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5 minutes ago, Slater62586 said:

Can you run one extension cord that has two female ends to the controller box or do you have to run two extension cords from the box to the outlet? 

Unless you are running all high wattage Incans (which would also need 2 different breakers),  yes. I run a tripple end to my first DC controller wit 2 external PSU's, and the third outlet feeds the cor to the next location (AC controller, and that goes to the Next AC controller. 1 Breaker and it is not overloaded (The DC box (CMB24 and a Pixie4) are the highest load, maybe 450W all white (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS EXCEPT AS A TEST)

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Been wiring my CTB16PC Controllers like that for years, partial LED and partial incans, moved to RGB Smart Pixels this year and all 5 of those controllers are on the SAME circuit as my 3 CTB16PC Controllers, the CTB16PC Controllers run 4 3-channel 1200 count incandescent arches, 8 Blow Molds {modified} so they have more lights in them, approx. 32 C7 Incans and 6 Standard Lamp bulbs, then there are the wall mounted items, 2 candles, 1 Snoopy, 1 Snowman, 2 Large and 2 small(double} bows and a Merry Christmas sign{Small}, small Star, 3 Red Translucent Bells  and finally a couple of other yard items, staked. flat plastic tree with elf {20 lights} and 5 Candy Canes {20 lights each}.     The incans probably would add up to be about or around 2,500 to maybe close to 3,500+ bulbs, but I haven't recounted lately.

Everything on the 3 outdoor CTB16PC Controllers are all incandescent and yes, I have everything on at 100% during some short bursts and medium length bursts in my sequences, including the RGB lights on all white.  I have had no GFCI trips, no issues with this at all, and all run from the same dual outlet plug on the outside of my home.

Ran my display like this for years, never had a problem with doing this, for extended on times where things are on for a very long duration, I will usually only use 40-50%during those sequences.

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