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Ralph D

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Ok, I'm just getting the hang of tracks so bare with me here. the question is,

once a new track is made can it be used in other sequences? and if the answer is no, has anyone made a program or figured out how to do this. it would seem very time consuming to make the same tracks over and over for each song/sequence.

and if yes, this is were I'm stuck, i have a sequence open and i want to open a track i named roof lights, how do i open it in the sequence I'm in now. I made the track in another sequence not the one I'm in now.


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Let's assume you have a sequence named "Song One" with a track named "Roof Lights". Let's assume you have another sequence named "Song Two" that doesn't have the "Roof Lights" track. You want to put the "Roof Light" track into "Song Two".

  1. Open "Song One". If it was already open, than make sure it's saved.
  2. Delete(!) all the tracks from "Song One" except the "Roof Lights" track.
  3. Edit -> Export Channel Configuration, and save it as "Roof Lights.lcc".
  4. Close "Song One" without saving it. DO NOT SAVE IT, or you will loose the tracks you deleted in step 2.
  5. Open "Song Two".
  6. Add a new track. Make the new track have 1 channel, without any timings.
  7. Move this new track up so it is the first track. (Right-Click on the track header and select Move Track Up until it's the first.
  8. Edit -> Import Channel Configuration from "Roof Lights.lcc".
  9. Copy timings from other tracks if needed, and/or move this new track where you want it.

This method does have a problem: If you have a channel in the "Roof Lights" track that is also in another track, then they will conflict with each other, since LOR will view them as separate tracks with the some controller/channel numbers. If this is only a few channels, you can delete them from one track, then copy them from the other track.

If this method will cause too many duplicate channels, then there is another method. If the only difference between the channels and tracks of "Song One" and "Song Two" is that "Song One" has the "Roof Track" track and "Song Two" doesn't, then you can use Export Channel Configuration and Import Channel Configuration without deleting any tracks first.

It is usually a good idea to have all your sequences have the same channel configuration. I have a basic channel configuration with one track that I call "Christmas 2008". In many of my sequences I have a second track called "Fast" that has the same channels but faster timings. The first track is called "Beats" and has the basic beat timings of the song. If needed, I duplicate that track and subdivide the timings by 8.

I have one exception. In one song, I wanted to flash my "Tune Radio to..." sign, which is normally always on in the background sequence. So I made a track called "Radio Sign" that has channels that appear in no other sequence or track except the background sequence. This does make my radio sign turn off at the end of this sequence and stay off for 1-30 seconds, but that is acceptable for this one song.

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Wow a ton of info thank you. i understand a little better now. so either way i am going to have extra steps to take. i was hoping it was a easy import from another sequence. but it makes seance that it would conflict with the con-fig form the other sequence/track were it was set up first. but within each sequence, you can make up as many tracks as you want and they will not conflict with other sequences/tracks ....unless you played them at the same time which you can not do.

well maybe this can be a wish for a later update of light-o-rama.

Thank you!

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