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#1.}  How are you running your show?  

a.} Computer or a Director?

b.}  Enable Schedule or Show On Demand?

#2. Did you set a Start and End time for your show to run in?

Once I know how you set up your show to run and if you set up a time perimeter for your show to run at, I can be of more help to possibly resolve your issue.

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I am having the same issue.  My show plays all the sequences, but then stops.


1.  i'm running the show from a computer.

2.  I'm using the enable Schedule

3.  I did set a start time and a end time for the show.  The show does start on time, but stops after the last selection.


I had to switch quickly to the "Simple Show Builder"  It seems to be looping.  When I did this though, I did remove some sequences that I was using in the show I had built earlier with the "Schedule".  Not sure if that makes a different or not.


I am using license version 4.3.

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If you had a show schedule last year or last Halloween did you clear the scheduler?

Not sure why I never got an error for 10 days of running into the same problem but on day #10 I did receive an error “there is already a show end time” or something to that affect.

Maybe this will help you.


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Are you sure your end time is what you set it to?   If you set a start time, show should start at that time, if you have an end time set, show should stop on ar a litter after that time.   Last sequence will always play through completely before a show ends, even if it runs over the end time set, then show ends at that point.  I have to set my show to end approximately 3 minutes early so it ends at 11pm.

So if you have a start time set say at 5:30pm and your end time is set to 10pm, and your sequence list is say 20 sequences and plays for 30 minutes, show should start at 5:30pm, then if your end time is 10pm, when all 20 sequences have played, your show SHOULD LOOP AUTOMATICALLY until the end time set {11pm} has been reached.    It should NOT stop before reaching your end set time.

Also under the Options in the Show Builder, under the Sequences area at the bottom, which do you have checked?  Load sequences as they are needed or Load all sequences before any are played?

The 2nd option, some folks have had problems with and have had their show stop, so if you're using the second option, try the first one, if you're using the 1st option, you can try the 2nd.  I can use either one without issue, but there have been some folks that have had issues in this selection area, usually with the load all sequences before any are played.

But what I'm really wondering is if you have the stop or end time set correctly for the time you want your show to end, it's easy to miss this if you have different times for different days for different shows.   You may want to reload the Schedule editor and check each days end time to be sure they are what you set.   I missed a day once and my display stopped less than an hour after it started, I accidentally set the end time about 25 minutes later than my start time, so last sequence played and then stopped.    So double check your end times on each day to make sure they are what you think they are.

EDIT: Also in the Show Editor are you using a daily schedule or the Calendar Schedule, if you have two schedules set on the same day, one using the day of week and another using the Calendar, I believe the Calendar takes precedence over the day of the week schedule if set.   I set up a Calendar Schedule for a temporary test show and forgot to delete it, show ran on the date set, but it didn't end at the end time I had set for that day of the week, which as 10:55pm, instead it ended at 6:30pm per the Calendar setting.   So if you've ever used the Calendar option, may want to check and see if that could be an issue. 

Just some suggestions to look for.  Your issue could be something completely different, but I really think it's the end time isn't set or when you set it, it didn't accept it, usually only happens if it overlaps another showtime, but you never know.



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