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Anyone willing to create a sequence for me?


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I've been doing a little video mapping and would now like to add a light display to it. I've ordered a Light-O-Rama 16 channel controller and have setup the channels in the software. But I think it's going to take me a little too long to figure out the sequencing part of this.  I can send the video which is really just short musical clips from various Christmas movies. It's just over 14 minutes long. My channels are:
Roof Top
Roof eaves
Windows (4 separated out)
Floodlights (2 separate channels - 1 red / 1 green)
Two tree trunks (separate channels)
Four little light trees (separate channels)
Contact email is tfritz28@yahoo.com
Thank you.
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I've had a couple emails asking for more details so figured I would just post them here...

I'm using a regular 16 channel controller (not RGB). So it will be turning on/off solid color strands of lights. I just downloaded the software on Monday and it's version 4.4.0.
The roof top, roof eaves and walkway are all C9 multicolor LED's. The windows will be mini multicolor LED's controlled individually. The bushes and tree trunks are multicolor LED net lights. The flood lights are 2 sets of 3 LED lights (one set red and one set green). The four little trees will most likely be C7 multicolor LED's controlled individually.
The video that contains the soundtrack is in .mp4 format. It's not the final video yet as that one will have multiple videos running that will project onto different parts of the house...but it's the main window of the final video and the only part that contains sound so the audio on the final video should match exactly to the main window video. I loaded it into the software and it did the beat detection and I figured out how to setup my channels and draw on the house image for the light placement. I'm just very new to setting up the actual show/sequencing and think it's going to take way too long for me to figure out. 
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