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Exporting to SE v.4.3.34


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I just upgraded from v4.3.24 to v4.3.24 and am having issues exporting a SS sequence to SE.  Previously I was able to configure the sequence before exporting but now I get a message that indicates that SS is currently running in Visualization mode . . .   and thus I cannot configure that sequence like I did before in 4.3.24.  So maybe this is one of the changes from 4.3.24 to 4.3.34.  I go ahead and export as Intensity Data and it brings it over to SE and when I open it there and click on the light blue SS Props none of the controllers are listed.  I am using the 24x25 8 row globe visualization in SS when I sequenced the song.  Last year exporting was no big deal.  Any suggestions?

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As you indicate, in older versions of superstar it allowed you to go into the Configuration dialog box when you were in visualization mode, but it first put up a message box advising that since you are in visualization mode the unit ID information that you set would not be used, because when you are in visualization mode the program gets the unit ID information from the visualization. There were two settings in the Configuration dialog box that were still used and that was the "Color Mode" and "Color Temperature" settings, so that is why it still allowed you into the Configuration dialog box.

In newer versions of superstar a "Preferences" dialog box was introduced. "Color Mode" and "Color Temperature" were put in the Preferences dialog box and I changed it so you could not get to the Configuration dialog box when in Visualization mode because none of the settings in the new Configuration dialog box have any effect when in Visualization mode.

Now, back to the problem you are having when exporting, v4.3.34 did have some bugs in it when exporting Intensity Data. If you upgrade to v4.3.36 or v4.4.0 the export should work.

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