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Anyone Using LOR software with a Lynx Express Controller(DMX)


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Hello guys, Ive recently purchased Lor 4.3.36 software.  I built all my sequences and tried to hook up my Lynx Express controller and cant get my channel leds to light up. I have a Dmx dongle hooked up to a Lynx Express controller. Can anyone tell me the settings I need to run Dmx or my Lynx Express controller?

                                          please help need to get my show going thanks Dave

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Yes, LOR can drive DMX with at least an Advanced level license (which I see you have).  Can't help you with the Lynx setup however.  Although I am running somewhat over 60K channels of DMX this year, it's all E1.31.  The DMX channel config is pretty easy, but don't know if the DMX dongle requires anything special.

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