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Amp and Watt Meter

George Simmons

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Hi All,

Just a heads-up for other newbies like me who have looked at the plans somewhere in these forums for a DIY meter for measuring amperage of plugged in devices. The plans said the materials would cost about 30 bucks to build. It's been in my mind all summer that I needed to get busy and build one.

I was in Menards yesterday picking up yet another couple thousand zip ties (oh, my aching fingers...) and as I was scrounging for some of the things I needed to make one I came upon a ready-made meter that measures both wattage and amperage for $24.95. Needless to say, I bought it. It works great! (Not to mention how gratifying it was when I was playing with it at home and needed to plug in nine sets of 35-light LEDs before it even registered one-tenth of an amp.)


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John Hertig wrote:

Kill-A-Watt will show that and more, costs from $15 to $25 or so

I love this thing, been using it on my fridge all year, boy does that thing suck down the juice, in the winter I use it to see what kind of loads I got on each lighting outlet.
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