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Is the super star sequencer for pixels only?


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28 minutes ago, phxbabe said:

Hi happy holidays.  can the superstar instant sequencer be used with channels or is it for pixels only?

SuperStar works just fine for any type of channels.  However Instant Sequencer is not going to be able to do much with just a small number of traditional channels.


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There are some video tutorials on using Instant Sequence and Auto Sequence on traditional lights (not pixels)

Go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Tutorials and PDFs", the superstar tutorials are near the bottom

If you are using S4 and want to use Instant Sequence without creating a visualization, you can use the "Quick Visualization" feature. The tutorial for this is titled: Instant Sequence on All Your Lights

If you are using S4 and want to use the Instant Sequence rapid fire trigger type on traditional lights look at the tutorial titled: Instant Sequence Rapid Fire Option

If you are using S5 there is a tutorial on using Auto Sequence on traditional lights. This tutorial is for S5, but the part that talks about Auto Sequence can be used on a "Quick Visualization" in S4 as well. The title is:  ShowTime Designer Pixels (aka: S5)    and using SuperStar Auto Sequence with Traditional Lights

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