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Sequencer channels gone nuts!


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PLEASE IGNORE!  I FIGURED IT OUT!  Needed to add view.  I don't ever remember doing that.  Memory getting bad I guess.  Admins delete if you want!


Well silly me saw a new version of 5 had come out and I upgraded.  My preview channels have gone nuts!  If I open an existing sequence, everything is grouped normal by group props.  Yay!  If I add a new sequence, using the same preview, the channel line up goes nuts!  I get my existing groups and group props, and under them I get every single element in alphabetical order. The second screen shot is just part of the list showing nut you get the idea.    I got this, I said, No Problem I said  So I hit the drop down (circled in screen shot) and the "RESET DISPLAYED PROPS AND GROUPS"  is not there.  What do I do? EDIT!  uninstalled 5.2 and reinstalled 5.14 and now it is doing the exact same thing.....It has never done this before!



Exsiting groups.PNG

part of new.PNG

drop down.PNG

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I goofed I guess
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