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Cosmic bulbs in purchased sequence


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This will be my first season using LOR. In order to get things started, I purchased a sequence from Lightorama. All the regular lights work out beautifully. My issue is that the units that I set up for my Cosmic bulbs show up with only 8 channels; in Sequencer shows up as Controller 07 Primari-8 pixels, and underneath CCD07s.1 pixels (8 times).

In the preview I had defined the Cosmic Bulbs on this unit (also on two other ones), but the sequence I purchased from Lightorama seems to overwrite this. I had purchased a modifiable version of the sequence, but it does not seem possible to copy the 8 channels. 

How can I create (or see) the 50 bulbs that are part of my Cosmic Bulbs?

thank you,






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