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Having trouble with channels


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I just upgraded to S5 and am having issues with channels. I have some sequences from last year that I can open and have created new props for this year's show, but I am having trouble figuring out how to update the channels. For instance, I have a YCM sequence that I purchased from LOR, which has its channel configuration, but my names are different, so it has archived all of the LOR original channels. Is there a way to edit the channels, or import my channel names (props)?

I also changed the layout of my show and added more channels and moved some props. Is there a way to remap the channels?

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You will need to copy/paste your effects from the archived channel to the new channel (move to archived row, select row, copy or cut, move to new channel row, select row, paste).

You can use the Manage Archived Props tool to make some changes to your archived props:



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Thanks for the advice. I will use the manage tool to clean up my new files.

When I first opened the old files in S5, I did not have the new props yet. When I added the props and tried to change the old sequence to use the new layout, it did not like it and left them blank, while the old channels (which became archived) still had all of the effects. I ended up copying the actual effects from the old channels into the new channels. 

When I opened more of my old sequences after setting up my new props, it worked much better. 

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