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Sequencing more than you have.


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I been hard at sequencing songs. I have sequenced a few that were shared and the have the Christmas tree lip movement. Should I or can I add the lip sequences in now for when I expand? Right now I don‚Äôt have enough controllers for a face. Seriously¬†contemplating anotherūü§™

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I wouldn't add the singing faces until you actually have controllers to do so.  Just keep backup copies of shared sequences to so can copy/paste  (ie face channels) from them later. 


I have separate folders for each song.  My show sequences for each song, goes directlyh into the song's foler.  Within the song's folder, I have a "Other Tracks' folers that I put my stockpile of shared sequences into for later references.  It just help oranize the "clutter" for



Down the roead when you add additional contgrollers/channesl, youcan add the singing face channels to one of you existing sequence, export the channle configution (File tab - import/export).  Then import this channle configution into each of your other existing sequences.   It's a great tool as you display expands over the years. 

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one word, YES.   You can add them in if you desire, just don't link them to any controllers, just set the channel to a null channel.  Click on the channel button that is for the lips, when the pop up opens, go to Device Type and select None.  This will set the channel button in the sequence but even if it's coded{sequenced}, it will do nothing because there is NO CONTROLLER set for that channel.  You won't be able to set anything on the channels in the pop up, but you can still NAME the channel what it is, you can even put in the name, the unit ID and Channel # the prop is on the channel button:

i.e. #1: Controller 02 Channel 2 would be the lips,

It'd look something like this on the Channel Button: Singing Tree Upper Lip - 02.2

                                                                                                    Lower Lip could be 02.3 and so on.

Just remember when you get that other controller, you'll need to go back in and set the Device Type to whatever the Controller you using is in all those channels MANUALLY!  Very easy to do, just go to the Tools menu option at the top of the SE, then click on Channel Configuration, then on the first channel, set the parameters for the new controller.

i.e. #2:  Device Type "Light-O-Rama",  Network: "Regular", Unit: "02", Circuit: "1" , you will have to repeat this manually for each channel until all 16 Channels are populated.  These are all DROP DOWN menus that populate each channel.  Once completed just click OK at the bottom of the Channel Config window.

You can also rename the channels here if needed as well, the channel section IS NOT a Drop Down, you manually enter the description here yourself for each prop, part of a prop{like upper lip, lower lip for a singing face} or standard light {incandescent/L.E.D.} strands or outlines of singing faces, etc..

It's a little bit of work, but if you want the channels to be there before you have the physical controller, this is how you would set it up, then when you get the controller just follow the preceding steps above.


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