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Adding RGB Fllods with CMB240 Controller


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HI All,

 Well I finally made an entry move into RGB. I purchased a CMB240 controller and have a couple of questions.

I am able to set up and communicate with the Software, both in Sequences and with the Hardware utility.

1) How do I give the controller a unique ID for the Sequences? I already have 4 Standard 16 ch controllers and just added a 5th, and possibly adding a 6th for a mega Tree. How do I set The Id for the CMB240?

2) My purchased sequences are firing off the CMD240 floods< as per above I would like to define the channels in the sequences so I can adjust them as need be? I could use some guidance


Thank you



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That is a CMB-24D  (D as in Dog)

Unlike your AC controllers, the ID is set with the DIP switches on the board, not the HU. 

There is an ID switch setting chart in the back of the manual.  ID 5 would be sw 1 and 3 ON  (SW1 is already ON from the factory) FWIW the switches are just standard Binary coded HEX (1,2,4,8,16,32)

There are 24 Monochrome channels (think like your AC controllers: except 1-24 or 8 RGB ports). You could use any that way (I use 3, on my Candy cane spinner, 1 per opposing cane pair and a couple of other 12V props) or you can 'convert the indicated (set of port#) set of 3' to a RGB group in SE. You can name a channel just like your AC controller, you can name a RGB Grouped set of 3. IIRC if you ADD that as a controller in SE, It creates RGB groups (right click 1 to UNGROUP if you need one that way)

The SE uses true channel numbers, not port groups


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Thank you for your replies. I am struggling with getting this up and running. I connected my laptop to the controller and thinkI set the dil switches to 00001000 unit 8?

I get a red blinking light and when I connect the com cable to goes solid red.

I have tried to manually change ID to 8 on control panel

I have tried to command all on from the control window but nothing happens.

Is this a license issue? I have 7 controllers plus the CMB-24

On the sequence editor I have id8 as cmb24 and added the 3 (RGB) and 8 channels.


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Pro is unlimited controllers.  If you use the switches, then Using the Set ID part of HU is useless. HU or all switches 1-9 OFF

Is that Switch 6 (9 is LSB, 1 MSB)

Solid Red says the CL sees the device

IN SE, what network TYPE (LOR), Network (Regular, if you only have 1 dongle), Channels 1,2,3 for the first Connector (port) 4,5,6 #2. 7,8,9, #3

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