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Very New and trying to figure this out.

Brian Kuiper

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I am new to the Light -O Rama thing and have no clue how to do any of this.  I have downloaded the software and hooked it up.  However, trying to figure out the sequences and how to obtain the MP3 on it not really sure.  Any advise or help would be awesome. 


Thank You in advance.  

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Please tell us what controllers

For about 90% of my MP3’s I use MP3million . Com. (No s in the name) 

5 cents to 15 cents per song

Normally you can view the music info you need in the sequence itself.

Open sequence - “view” tab “sequence info”

Ww will need a better description of what you are attempting to do with how many and what controllers


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Would also help if you fill in your profile with software version and license level, as that sometimes has a lot to do with answering your questions.  As some licenses won't allow some things where higher license levels will.  As well as what version software you're using as there are still users out here using older versions of it.

Then we can better serve you answers.

On MP3 files, I'll use ITunes, CDBaby or if the song is out of production and I just can't find it, I use an YouTube to MP3 software to get the song from YouTube, this is only as a last resort, if the song is available I'll buy it, but I have some in my collection that can't be purchased any longer, company decides to retire it or for whatever reason they make it no longer available. 

Then I have little choice but to download it using such software to get it.   I use a free program called MP3Rocket to download from YouTube.   I really love this program because it'll even let you make ringtones for your cell phone as well as download videos if you so desire.  

And with YouTube folk putting all those advertisements in them now, just ruins the fluidity of the video, so I download and watch the videos AD FREE on my computer!   Then after I've watched them, I delete them.   It's a really cool program, even lets you save in different audio formats too.

You can also record LIVE Video with it as well as watch TV!  It also converts between format, very versatile.

I use the Free Basic Version which can be downloaded here:

MP3Rocket Audio-Video Downloader - Watch TV - Convert Audio Files - FREE BASIC VERSION

And this is the Home Page:




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