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Having issue with background sequences


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Hello, I’m having an issue with a background animation sequence that operates my “Tune to” sign. When the sequence is installed in my show, all my RGB lights on the E1.31 network flicker uncontrollably and do not work properly. If I remove the background sequence from the show, everything works fine. I am running S5 with the latest update for software. The channel the sign is plugged into is not in conflict with other channels and is running through an existing LOR controller that operates other channels fine in my show. Thank you for any help. 

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I have seen a similar issue to this in the past and here is what I did.  In my background sequence I had a "background preview" with just a couple props.  In my regular sequence I included those same props with the same channel assignments.  I didn't program those props in the regular sequence, but saw flickering.  So I deleted the props out of the regular sequence and the problem went away.  It's like both sequences were trying to communicate at the same time, and the controller got mixed signals.

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