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Perplexed. Light test


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I am very perplexed.  I have a basic residential unit 16 channel.  When I use the control panel, my lights test ok.  When I play a sequence, the lights do not work.  I have never had this problem in the past 5 years.  Same sequences as past years

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What software version and license level. 
Please update your profile to include those as the answers to questions often depend on those two pieces on information.

Did you change anything this year?


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Did you accidentally TURN OFF the "Control Lights" in the Sequence Editor?   Or do you have the Hardware Utility and SE open at the same time?  The first one,m just recheck the "Control Lights" and everything should work.   If you have both HWU and SE open, the lights, even if checked {although I think it gets automatically unchecked and Control Lights gets greyed out} won't function in SE with both open. 

You'll have to close both, reopen SE, make sure "Control Lights" is checked, you may have to recheck the box to make them work in SE again, once everything checks out, you should be able to control your lights through the SE and Show Player.  

Note if any other programs are open when a show starts, that may either cause an error, or lights won't function, all programs except those that run the show should be closed, HWU, SE, etc..  

Or if you  changed the controller ID unit #, even if accidentally/inadvertently{it happens} and didn't do that in the SE, nothing will light up either.  Go back into HWU and make sure your controller ID is the same as what the SE is looking for.

Hope this may help.

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