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S5.1.4 Creation of new Prop not working correctly


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I have a file that was successfully upgraded from S4 to S5.  I have been able to create props with 5.1.2 without issue.  Once I upgraded to 5.1.4, I am not able to create a new "Prop".  I receive errors of channel conflicts.  Once i delete the duplicate items, my pixels are archived and my "prop" does not show up in the "track" area.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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If you have duplicate channel errors, don't delete them, fix them.  It won't let you get away with duplicate channels.  If you really do have channels that are supposed to be duplicated, there is a process in how to handle them.  For example, if you have a singing face and left and right eyeballs are the same channel (fairly normal), there is a way to properly handle that.  If that is your situation, let us know and the process can be explained.


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When you say "fix them" I am not sure ho to perform that I guess.  The area that I "Deleted" them was due to a duplicate pixel error while creating the "prop"

The pixels in my timeline show a "@" next to them (archived) but I can not find my "Small tree" in my timeline list.

All of this started when I upgraded to 5.1.4 from 5.1.2.

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