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LOOKING FOR: Moster Mash, Thriller, & Ghostbusters


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So I have never done a Halloween display controlled to lights since I live out of the city, but I just got nominated by my boss to do one for our work party.  I don't need anything super crazy as it will be an indoor display with no more than 16 channels.  I would like the following songs if anyone has them sequenced already:

-Monster Mash




And any others that you think would be a great addition. Just has to be work friendly as I work at a bank. My e-mail is jmach49@gmail.com


Thanks everyone!!!!

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18 hours ago, james morris said:


Thank you very much James.  I knew I should I have just emailed you. 


14 hours ago, ozarkboy2 said:

I have Thriller in 16 channels if you don't have it already.

Thank you for the offer, but James got me set up.

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I'm also looking for Ghost Busters please if anybody can share that.

We're only using one 16 channel controller, with no faces or RGB's.

Thanks in advance


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7 minutes ago, MattJ said:

Hi @james morris - if you are still sharing these three then I would really love to get copies please. Thanks in advance!

MattJ - matt@jones-web.us

I may be safe to say that James and our group no longer share with the general public. Perhaps trading would be a possibility. Sequence for sequence, sequenced by yoi of course.

These sequences can be purchased from HolidaySequences , an authorized vendor and a great friend.

Not knowing what type of lights you have keep in mind if you are looking for ac light sequences you can purchase the RGB sequences and copy paste the parts that fir your sequence in to yoir ac channels.

If this is your case- open the RGB sequence to Show the thee channels R/G/B

Start by copying the red row to your ac channel.

Scan for empty spots where there may be a Color like all blue oR green and copy those in Yoir sequence at the proper timing.

Note - you will only have the colors that are your Incan/ led lights.


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Also for Halloween also Check out "WoWLights" for 16, 32, 32+RGB, channel sequences...

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