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network and unit id


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hello , just a simple question:

can i use the same unit id in differend networks?

like regular network with unit id 01 and aux-a network with unit id 01?


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Absolutely.  Think of each channel as having a 'key' (in computer terms).  To LOR software any channel's key is:

Network/Unit ID/Circuit

So any different combination of those 3 different things is something different.

REG/01/12 is a completely different channel from AUXA/01/12


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Just my opinion here.  While Mike is 100% technically correct, it may be easier for us human beings to use different numbers.  For example my Regular network only uses IDs 01 to 0F.  My AuxA network has IDs 11 to 1F, and AuxB network has IDs 21 to 2F.  None of those networks are using all 15 IDs allocated to them.

porentially avoids confusion for us humans.  The equipment does not care at all.


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I only have 9 controllers 4 CTB16PC Version 2 on Regular LOR Network Id #'s 06-09, however my 5 CCB-100 RGB Controllers are on the AUX A LOR Network and they are set to 01-05 and my HWU has a max controller ID of 0A (10 controllers), always heard go at least 1 controller higher than you have {if possible}, but not more than that, since then the HWU would take longer to find{display controller{s}} in a small amount of controllers on a Network with higher than needed numbering.

But if I'd know what DevMike said when I got my CCB-100's I could have just left each set up as they were since each was on separate Networks.    Even on separate Networks I though each side would require NO DUPLICATE ID numbers, now I see that's really not an issue.   Learn something new tonight I didn't know and was totally unaware of.  Thanks DevMike, I'm writing this one in my LOR Notebook for future reference when, or if, my display ever gets any bigger.

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