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Excellent light stakes

Mr. P

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Home Depot is now carrying these light stakes which are excellent for outlining your yard if you are using the wider base RGB C9 bulbs such as the CCB, Pixabulbs or Brilliant bulbs. I have used about 900 of these over the last few years for outlining my yard and and driveway. I have always purchased online but I have found that Home Depot now sells them as well.


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Those are nice stakes for the LOR RGB Cosmic Color Bulbs.   Be nice if they made a smaller version that would fit the LOR Cosmic Color Pixels {Bullet nodes}, as that's one that I could really use if they were like the above link in Mr. P's post.

But I have a thousands of old green yard stakes for mini lights, so if I put any RGB lights on the ground, I guess I'll end up using those little green yard stakes this year.  Still debating on where to put the CCP's.  Part on my handicap ramp and maybe some on the ground.   Still deciding layout options for those. bullet nodes

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Reporting back

These are wonderful. The roof/gutter clips accept the standard 8mm (12mm body) bullets. The bulb holders lock up (shingle clip usage) for a front facing bullet. The blade slides under the (comp) shingles with ease, just lift the wire loop a bit, as it grips the shingle when released.

The lawn stakes indicate they need a flat bottomed (wire end) to hold bulbs ☹️.  I will probably end up using these to hold SPT1 vampire sockets up off the ground

Thanks for the tip Mr P  (See, Army can hep Navy  ? )

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