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I'm wondering if anyone else has found a way to do what I'm trying to accomplish.  I've got this chase setup on one of my spiral trees that runs for about 7 seconds or so.  Does anyone know of a way that I can now 'fade' the chase down over a highlighted time period?  It would be kind of like using foreground effects to only alter the intensity of the active cells from 100 to 0%. So the result might be something like the first chase is at 100%, the second at 90%, then 80%, etc.  This would be in S4's sequence editor.




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I can get you part of the way there. 

Turn on Tools -> Foreground Effect 

Select the fade down tool with what ever % you want.

Then select the entire area.   The problem with this method is it changes each of your cell's fading back to 100% on before it does it.   Years ago I asked for a similar thing (fading out the entire song) but I still don't know of a solution.

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7 hours ago, Don said:

Yea, that looks like what I want to do.  I created one by manually changing the intensity and creating each chase separately, but it was a PITA, wouldn't scale well to longer sections, and may not drop the intensity levels correctly (I was just going down from 80% to 20% at the end).  Guy's suggestion created some interesting effects as well.

Fading Chase.PNG

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