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Best Practice to return to S4 from S5 upgrade

Jay Czerwinski

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What is the best practice for going back to S4 when I installed S5?


I have NOT converted any of my sequences to S5.   Upon opening my first sequence in to S5 and seeing all of the differences, I think it might be best to go back to S4 to get my last minute work done for Halloween.


Thank you for your guidance and suggestions - including if you feel that I should just stick with S5 and things will quickly click in to place.  

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There is a learning curve to S5. If your target is Halloween, then going back to S4 certainly makes sense.

Just uninstall S5 using Windows. Reboot just to be safe. Then reinstall S4.


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Just in case, back up your sequences first.

Uninstall S5.

Delete the folder c:\program files(x86)\Light O Rama if it is still there.

Probably don't need the registry wipe but consider it an option if you have problems with the re install.

Re-install S4 and run Lorpost if necessary to point to your data files.

If you created any .LORedit files, delete them.

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Well, I was terrified to do this, but it worked out perfectly.  Thank you Phil and Matt!!   Did not need to wipe the registry, run Lorpost (whatever that is), or delete any other files other than the original c:\program files(x86)\Light O Rama folder.

S5 looks cool, but not with a deadline!!!  ?

Thanks again!!

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