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Need this software to work with WIFI RGBW bulbs in garden


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Hi All !

I've ordered 20 LOHASLED WIFI RGBW MR16 bulbs (from Alibaba) which I will install in my back yard Malibu fixtures.  The only wire required is 12VAC power as they have an internal WIFI interface.  They do provide a phone app for some simple programmed animation and scenes / groups are programmable for static scenes as well.


Here's my problem, With these super new lights, I want to create a light show synced to music, of course.  At first view of the demo software, it appears to be more than adequate for my needs !  As there are no outboard controllers for these bulbs whatsoever, only controlled via WIFI... I need this software to export to the wifi RGBW wifi light bulbs... not to outboard equipment that is sold here.  I have about 4 weeks to complete.

What can you good folks here suggest ?



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That depends on how they are controlled.  IF the lights are using E1.31, then you should be able to control them from LOR.  If not, it's very unlikely that you can get LOR to control them.  So the first thing that you need to do is figure out what control protocol they are using.


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