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Pixie 16 controlling only some CCR Units


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I recently purchased a package containing a Pixie 16 and 12 CCR strands designed to build a 12 strand tree, although that's not how I plan to use the CCRs.  Anyway, I can control all 12 strands of pixels with the hardware utility without a hitch.  However, when I use the Pixel Editor, I can only control channels 1 - 9.  I get no response from channels 10 - 12.

For testing, I built a preview with 12 straight continuous lines as props, so about as simple as you can get for a preview.  I set each of the unit numbers from 1 -12 for the 12 props in the preview.  I can generate effects fine on the screen when I run a simple sequence, however, the CCRs for channels 10 - 12, do not illuminate at all.

Any thoughts on this one?


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If you installed the Pixie16 with a starting ID of 1 then it does not go 1-12, it will go 1-0C  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0A, 0B, 0C) for your first 12,

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I posted in detail how to resolve this issue as m a similar post last night.

1- if you have any other controllers and will add the pixie16 to your configuration you must first determine the unit ID you want to use.

As Mr P says the pixie16 will use 16 unit ids based on the hexadecimal system.

All you need to concern yourself with is the first (starting) unit ID. So if you have 3 AC controllers already you need to select the unit ID higher than 3 - so let’s say 4

2- If you will be using the starting unit ID greater than 1- you will need to turn off the dip switch that is on. If you do not turn this off you can change the unit ID 1000 times in HU and every time you shut down HU it will revert to the factory default Unit #1

3- Open HU with only the pixie16 attached

4- Refresh the unit (center refresh) not the comm port refresh on the left.

5- It will probably say “found one unit, pixie16 01 version ...”

6- to Chage Unit ID use the bottom left corner box Old Unit ID 1 to whatever the new one is. It will say - Unit ID has been changed

7- I always ask everyone to confirm by closing HU and repeating the search to ensure the unit ID took

8- Exit HU

9-Open SE

10- Open a sequence (if you have one from a previous year) hopefully it is yours and your config, if not open “new musical sequence) select the song

11- if old sequence right click on the controller last channel button. So if you had thise 3 AC controllers you would scroll to unit 3 circuit 16

12 - Right click

13- Add/ insert device

14- above / below 

15- If assigning as sample you would select below

16- the next box will allow you to 

 a- name

b- select device pixie 2/4/8/16

c- add as group

d- select color order triples or RGB RGB rgb

e- set the unit ID same as you set in HU

g- select network LOR Regular for most people


17- your pixie will




innthe sequence. 

The next thing I ask people to do when I help them on phone is

1- open Network Preferences

2- LOR tab

3- if you don’t see 3 tabs LOR/ DMX/ MISC click on the advanced button on right- now you should see what appears to be a spreadsheet- green and white lines

4- In the LOR Regular tab click “speed”

set the speed for the regular at 500k

tou should also see a little box to check that says “enhanced”

click that and Apply and once it sets it and the box goes away click


now if you have a sequence to copy paste into those channels in your pixie portion of the sequence you will have lights!!!

As long as you have lights connected - yep seen that happen more than once

Tty that and if you get lost shoot me a

PM with cell # and I good time to call. I am CEntral Time Zine

That should get you up and running. Leave that dip switch off from here out.

Note I missed 2 things- while in HU after you set the unit ID and you verified it stuck.

Click on the pixie/ ccr config button - about bottom center

Ensure your pixel model is selected WS2811 .... or whatever you are using

Color Order RGB RGB RGB Tripples

If you notice color problems this is where you play around until you get it right. Test in HU and if green is red you need to fix it here.

Pixels per port 50/100

The pixels per port will also be a question when you set the pixie up in SE as I instruct above.

Setting ip

for Halloween so types this on the fly but it should get you going 100%.


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Set it up the correct way (easy) in SE. I’m dumbfounded why everyone seems to dive straight in to PE to set up controllers. IMO it’s like running before you crawl.

Also don’t get wrapped up about only 12 Unit IDs the pixie16 when properly added to your sequence will have 16 unit IDs.

If you only assign 12 (hand built in to your sequence) and you add another controller someday you will be here asking why controller #... doesn’t work. The answer would be , because you forgot about the other 4 the pixie16 is using.


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Thanks guys.  I had gone through the dip switch process, so I was okay there.  The reason it was not working was the I needed to use Hex in the Prop definition.

Looks like all is good now except what appears to be a bad CCR because it flashes almost randomly, even using the Hardware Utility.

Much appreciated. 

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