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When do the pick the winners for the Try For Free. I ordered my stuff as soon as the summer sale stared and got it with in three days, I had applied for the Try For Free and got the 3% discount on my order but haven't heard  any thing as of yet. I  built another CBT 16 over labor day and it works great already building frames for the windows to hold the lights , also for the roof to hold 7 large snow flakes, damn I am I all giddy. This year 32 channels and about 50% more lites and 5 new songs.


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If they are doing like last year you would have been notified when the order shipped. Shortly after you would get a refund up to the cap limit.

You can google Light O Rama Try for Free 2017 and it is explained.

The winning list will be published later on some day

In cell I can’t get to the link

There is another thread where I posted the same info with link.

No I have never won.


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