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Charlie Capps

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I have few different sequences that I am cutting and pasting from and it there a way to just delete some rows in the front of the sequence to make it line up I don't want to mess with the song timing because I have other props like a sub sequence with my CCR tree that I was going to add. 

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Since your software and licence level are not filled out in your profile I am going to answer your question assuming S4. S5 may be the same but I don't use it.

If the timing is out consistently throughout the sequence, you can nudge the sequence backwards or forwards using EDIT/Skew Track.

If it is just segments of the sequence, it is more difficult but you could  cut and paste parts of the sequence into a new blank sequence.

You cannot just delete columns, but skew track might be what you need.

Back up first in case you trash the sequence as you experiment.

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It’s really not that difficult. I do it all the time.

With that being said there are really only a a handful of ways that sequences get out of sync

1- wrong album for the song- or totally wrong song- I will admit I did that a few days ago. Went to “edit audio” and selected Greatest Show Unearthed instead of The Greatest Show

2- not running the correct song through a software program like audacity to change the bitrate and speed

3- SE Timing grid wrong

4- accidentally not copy and pasting in the correct place within the sequence

A lot of people will in an attempt to save money without buying a song.

I have used MP3millions since 2008 and songs are between 5 cents and less than 20 cents each.


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