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New and need tips. (Norwegian (Europe) lights)


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Hi guys.

I really am new to this LOR business, and i really am looking to buy a controller, but i need some help with where to buy light's that is working with the European power supply.

I have gotten one link to some lights that is supposed to work, and that is great, but i need some more help and links. If anyone out there knows good light, that varies in colour, not only white. Green, red and so on. Please help me. Because i really want this to be as awesome as i can get it. 
I appreciate all the help i can get. 

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RGB lights mix to make other colors (IIRC 256 colors)

You want a CMB 24 if you want dumb strings/strips.  That controller  will run 8 RGB outputs (or you can split the 3 RGB  lines of a port and drive a couple of monochrome strings

Since the lights are all low voltage DC, just local  buy any DC Power supply of the proper output voltage and wattage  No need to worry about dealing with US (120V) voltages (BTW The CMB 24 has 2 banks of 4, and can be supplied with different voltages (eg 5, 12, 24) Note that you will need to supply AUX power (small 12V ) if you run both banks at 5V )

Smart Pixels, have the same power requirements, BUT different controllers (there are multiple output sizes available), and each Lamp is adjustable.  The main consideration with smart pixels, is the the (internal) color order is the same for all strings on that controller.

Tip: unless you have experienced help (or intend to buy packaged shows) , stick to dumb RGB for your first controller.



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