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Importing GIF image and Image Action x,y coordinates

Star Lord

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I am importing 1 of 16 gif images into my 16x50 CCR mega tree.  However, when I get to the x,y start & end coordinates, I cannot figure out what values to enter to get the 1st image to display right in the middle of my tree, with no movement...actually, it doesn't even show at all when I play back the 8 seconds.  I did read one of Brian Bruderer's post about setting the coordinates to start: 12,0  and end: -64,0 ... and the image does show, but it moves quite quickly from left to right off the tree.

Can someone advise on what start and end x&y coordinates I should set to center a stationary gif image?




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If you set the start and end coordinates both to 0,0 then the image will not move and it will be displayed at the same spot as where the image was defined.

Also, if you select "Apply X,Y in Preview (for animations)" then you only have to enter in the star coordinate and the end coordinate is automatically set to be equal to the start coordinate.

If 0,0 doesn't display it where you want then change the values by 1 pixel and see if that gets closer to where you want it. Realize that X increases as you move to the right, and Y increases as you move downward.

So the coordinate 1,1 will be one pixel to the right and one pixel down from the upper left of the grid.

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