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Where Is Group Mode in Design Preview

David in Apache

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I see the groups that I created in earlier versions of S5. I can double click on the group and see the group definition. But I don't see any way to create new prop groups. The help topic appears to be out of date. From the help topic

"The List menu on the Pixel Editor's Preview Design allows you to switch the item list between Prop Mode and Group Mode."

But there is no List Menu on the Preview Design window...at least not that I can find.  


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If I am understanding your question correctly, then go into "Preview Design".  Then select "Add Item" button at top left.  The 2nd item in the list allows to to create a new group from existing props.

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1 hour ago, David in Apache said:

Yup. That's it. I checked that list and overlooked it. Thanks for being more observant than I!

Well, honestly speaking... I remembered this because I had the same trouble finding it a couple of months ago when I was trying to create some new  groups.

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