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How will I know when I need to add another network?

Star Lord

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I currently have on my LOR Enhanced Network: 2 CTB16PC controllers and 2 Pixie16 controllers.  I was thinking about adding one more Pixie16 controller.

How\when will I know that I'll need to add another network... by hooking them up and running them to view any lags?




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The real answer is to watch the show.  If you see lags or skips, you are likely overloading the network.

Your statement only partially answers the questions.  How many pixels is the important answer, not how many controllers.  We can only guess how fully loaded your Pixie 16 is.  For example, you could have nine strings of 20 pixels, or 16 strings of 170 pixels , or likely somewhere in between.  A few days ago, DevMile posted:


For AVERAGE sequences running 500K ELOR we recommend no more than 2000-2400 pixels per LOR network. 

He went on:


Using a slower speed (19.2/57.6/115.2) will reduce than number.


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It also depends on the type/age?Generation of your CTB16PC Controllers, if your CTB16PC are all Gen 3, they can run on the enhanced network, however, anything older than a Gen 3 will LAG and probably not run or possibly even be damaged by running them on an Enhanced 500K network.     So always make sure your controllers can handle the network they're on.

I have older CTB16PC controllers {4 of them / Gen 2} and when I added my 5 CCC controllers, the lights on the CTB16PC's lagged horribly, they skipped and missed lighting quite a few things up when they should have.  So I had to buy a 2nd Adapter specifically for the CCC Controllers, the RS-USB485-HS red adapter{High Speed 500K/Enhanced} and set up a 2nd network strictly for my RGB lights and controllers.

Like Jim stated, watch your show and if you have skips, lags or badly missed cues, then you definitely need another network added in.


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