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Hi all.  I am thinking of adding a second projector to my Halloween display. I have one that shows video in a window but I wanted to add one outdoors for different effect.  I know how to get LOR to run one video image but is it possible to control a second video image outside without it showing the same sequence in doors?  In other words two completely discrete video displays.

I hope that makes sense but don't know if that is possible.

My guess is no and I don't think filming split screen and dividing the "full screen" between windows will work for me since I already have to do that for two windows in the front where I show my current video.  It would only be for one effect but I can't think of a way to do it.

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Unless things have changed to make it different, I don't think this is possible using 2 separate projectors, since I don't think the LOR Software is designed to handle more than one projector sequence.

If I'm mistaken, maybe someone that's actually done this will chime in here and let us know the secret.  But I'm not sure anyone has been able too.


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OK.  Thanks I didn't think so.  Bummer.  I was trying to figure out a way to make this happen this year.

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Not familiar with video displays but wanted to throw my two cents out to see if it may spark something for you. At this time of year I'd say it would be slaving yourself to complete this but if you're willing to try, you could...

Basically, I'm thinking the second video just is the full length of your show on a loop. All of the effects are built in - fading to black when in between sequences or not in use, and lasting however long your show is. (All songs + time between songs.)

Not saying this is the one hundred percent correct idea, but it would be the only other option I'd have in your case since you can't really control the additional projector in LOR. Happy hunting and I hope this sparks some innovation!

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