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Downloaded and installed S5 today..... Upgraded my license getting continuous errors


Get one at startup that reads:

One or more problemsoccurred during startup

A problem occurred when loading effect plugins

Could not load file file or assembly ......

A problem occurred while loading shape plugins

Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the loader Exceptions

Then when I try to open a LMS Sequence the first thing that pops up is the "Upgrade Sequence to S5 Format"

No matter which one of the choices pick for "preview source" ..... Import the block-style or auto generate a new preview  it just tries to perform the action and nothing happens other than taking forever to try and complete the task

Even if I try to create a new musical sequence I get the error that reads:

A problem occurred while creating the sequence:  Invalid shape name "Bulbs" is assigned to prop unit 01:01



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