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For years I’ve used the little clips on the lights to connect to my gutter covers....or zip ties....and the lights are droopy and uneven. I want that professional, solid line look this year. Using C9 and C7 leds. Have a mix of ridge line and gutters to cover....along with a stretch of flat roof that has no gutter

what do you all use for light clips to ridge lines, shingles, gutters?  I’ve seen the canny system stuff, just wondering what you prefer. Thanks!

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 For gutters are used half inch schedule 40 PVC.  I zip tied the light strings to 5 foot sections of PVC. I installed cooks in the PVC so when it comes time to put up the lights I simply hang the PVC on the gutter. I do not glue the sections of PVC together but it gives the impression of a solid straight line. I also painted the PVC  flat black

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I use these for my c9 strobes on gutters and thick tile shingles and the ridge - extremely universal. I see they are out of stock right now but search "c9 clips" on that site and there are other options that may work for you.


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I put my C9's on a 1x2" strip of wood, Zip tie them and space them 2" apart(4 colors, with room for a 5th).  I then put the wood on top of the gutters and zip tie them down on the support piece the cops out every 4' or so.  works great. and makes setting them up very quick.  I have about 300' of rooflines and ridge lines and can setup the whole roof in a couple hours or less.


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Not exactly what you need, but might give some ideas.  This is what I did with my GE Color Effects bulbs.  I have two rows of bulbs.  I modified the supplied clips which were originally designed to clip onto a gutter.  I have them screwed into a 1 x 2 wood strip.  The clips allow mounting one down from each clip.


Here's an end view and the mounting hooks:

GECE_dual_mounting_end.jpg  GECE_mounting_3.jpg

The eye bolt stays installed in fascia board.  Most of the strips are 8 to 12 feet long and have two hooks to hold it in place.  The process allows me to install 220 bulbs in about 15 minutes.  For storage, I have a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood in the ceiling of my storage shed with eye bolts in the correct spacing, and I just hang them up.



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