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Hello all!

I just purchased 16 CCRII Ribbons to create a CCR Tree. A few questions......

What is the best way to erect this? I looked at Brians setup, and it dosent look like it will work for me. Do you have dimentions on the setup? Like spacing at the bottom?

Also since I am fairly new to CCR, the 16x50 pixel sequences. Is that the same thing a CCR can run off of? I am getting confused wiith the CCR, the RGB nodes, etc. I just want to make sure I am understanding it correctly. James was kind enough to send some, I am playing it in SS and it looks fine, I just want to make sure its the same  thing.


Last, any pointers in the CCR sequencing? It seems pretty straight forward, but was curious if anyone has shortcuts etc.


I am going to attempt the Baby shark song for my 4 year old. LOL....



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