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Hello gentlemen, sorry for my English translated by google.

In this I'm very good ?.

we talk seriously.

IM becoming crazy.

I bought 3 pixie16 cards but already the first I can not test the lights.
Initialize the card and find it as a unit 1, attack only a led strip to try and with the console pixie does not even turn on a led. I tried to test them with the pixiecon16 and they turned on, so no, the strings are not working.

please help me, I have already bought two pixiecon16 last year that I could not, now believing to be fast I bought those LOR thinking it was simpler, but unfortunately I stumbled immediately after a few minutes. But it's hours and hours that I'm reading manuals and here on the forum but I do not come to the head.

help this poor Italian grandfather ? eat spaghetti ? I love you anyway

I look forward to anxiously

Hello and thanks

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Yes, I will help you. I have something typed up and we can skype since I believe you are in Italy. I will reply from here in private messages. Cant help with pixcon but can get your channel config set and set the pixies up.



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